Hypocrisy vice

One of the hazards of occupying the moral high ground, much as Mrs Lomez loathes to reside there, is a hypocratic slip every now and then. At no time is a vegan more susceptible to this than during the end-of-year holidays when, unless you have organized a nut roast and Swedish Glace feast, offers of sweet dairy treats will fly thick and fast, along with the get-out clause, ‘But it’s Christmas!’ Do not be fooled by these seemingly friendly invitations – your act of transgression will be recorded with recurrent reminders thereafter. But the most innocuous of all temptations, one could say, is booze that carries no veg-friendly labelling.

Booze that is permissible usually will say (talking wine bottles … Dr Sin is working on it). Booze that carries no information about processing and fining ingredients, and this would be the majority in many parts of the world, sits in a realm of ambiguity. While not  necessarily fined with isinglass, egg or milk (these are the most common animal fining agents), a good vegan will err on the side of caution and walk the road of sobriety. A tough road at any time of year, but none more so than when there is no work to be occupied with during the day.

Isinglass hurts ... image by Pawel Kuczynski @www.tumblr.com/tagged/pawel-kuczynski

Isinglass hurts … image by Pawel Kuczynski @

Ambiguous wine, this is Mrs Lomez’s hypocrisy vice. The vice that contradicts all other dietary principles, the vice unto which this vegan will surrenders.

One positive is that this gives Mrs Lomez a certain humility in that she cannot accuse others of hypocrisy. Happy meat eaters (that’s happy meat, not happy eaters), omnivorous environmentalists, and those carnivores who are hypothetically prepared to themselves kill animals for food (though the hypothesis remains untested), all have their own hypocrisy vice. The only group that cannot be accused of hypocrisy is the one that claims to have no dietary principles at all: the unapologetic meat-eater (the likes of Dr Sin).

Taste – it’s hard to ignore this elephant in the room. The main determinant of dietary choices, ethical or otherwise, is flavour. Whatever rationale we put forward for our particular diet, ultimately if we didn’t like the taste of it, we wouldn’t eat it. Which brings Mrs Lomez back to wine.

This is not an attempt to make exceptions to the rule; this is a call for better labelling and more vegan booze! Animal fining products do not affect taste after all, only appearance and processing time. The excellent and ever-useful Barnivore website is an essential tool for vegans navigating these alcoholic climes. It’s not quite a talking wine bottle but, if Dr Sin has anything to do with it, Alcohol Intelligence could come sooner than we think.

A question for your consideration: what is your hypocrisy vice?

Until next time,

Mrs Lomez

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